In the fall of 2006, we travelled extensively in China and Tibet. Here are a few scenes from this trip.

Nancy watching the panorama of the Tibetan Plateau as we travel on the new high-altitude train (as high as 5000metres) from Lhasa to Chengdu (48 hrs)
In a small village near Lijiang, Yunnan Province, we encountered these folk muscians, playing for their own pleasure, who invited us to join them.

Nancy gets intimate with Tintin, an 18 month old Panda cub at the Wolong Panda Reserve in a remote part of  Sichuan province
What a ham!!! (Tintin, that is)

As the only non-Chinese present at the Wild Asian Elephant Sanctuary in southern Yunnan, near the Laotian border, we were offered a massage while waiting for the show.